Output Files of Simulations


In the following "INP" stands for a four-digit integer.
"project" stands for any project name defined as "-simName" in the configuration file allopt.txt: simulation parameters .


The .png files are graphics files, which show a color coded snapshot of the magnetization. The slice plane through the model is defined in the configuration file allopt.txt: simulation parameters . The x-,y-, and z-component of the magnetization are stored in *.0.png, *.1.png, and *.2.png, respectively. It is color coded from red (M=-1) to blue (M=+1).

These graphics files can be viewed with any picture viewer or graphical web browser.


The .d files contain the magnetization (or whatever is implemented in writedatadat.c) along the "sampling line". The "sampling line" is defined in the configuration file allopt.txt: simulation parameters .


This file contains the Cartesian coordinates of the measurement points along the sampling line.

  point_id  dist  x  y  z


This files contains some mesh related data in UCD format. The "mkinp.sh" script (cf. UCD/inp Files) can be used to create a complete UCD file, which can be visualized as explained in section Postprocessing .

node data

element data


This file contains a lot of useful information about the finite element mesh:


This file contains the finite element mesh in UCD format. Since the mesh does not change during the simulation, it is stored only once in this file and used by the "mkinp.sh" (cf. UCD/inp Files) script to create complete UCD files.


These files contain various simulation data (magnetization distribution, magnetostatic, anisotropy, exchange, external field) in UCD format. In order to save disk space (which becomes important for large models and long simulations with many output files) the mesh data is not included (it is stored only once in project.INP.femsh) and the remaining data are compressed using zlib (gzip format) (if this option has been compiled in). The "mkinp.sh" script (cf. UCD/inp Files) can be used to create a complete UCD file, which can be visualized as explained in section Postprocessing .

The following data are stored in theses files:

analogously the Cartesian components of

The structure and contents can change depending on compilation and simulation options. E.g., if the magnetostatic field is switched of in the allopt.txt file then the divergence and scalar magnetic potential are omitted. If the magpar executable has been compiled with the EXCH option, then the exchange and magnetocrystalline anisotropy field are saved separately.


Complete inp files (including the mesh information) are created by magpar if zlib compression is not supported (magpar is not linked with the zlib library) or magpar is compiled in the Cygwin environment under Windows. These complete inp files can be immediately visualized as explained in section Postprocessing .

Otherwise these complete inp files can be generated from project.INP.femsh and project.INP.gz as described in UCD/inp Files.


This log file contains the most important simulation data in a columnar format. magpar always appends new data to the end of the file if it does already exit. This useful feature is used in example mumag3: mumag standard problem #3 and sphere_sw: Stoner-Wohlfarth behavior .





These log files list the total energy, average magnetization and field, magnetostatic, anisotropy, exchange and Zeeman energy separately for each volume with the property id PID.


A lot of information is sent to stdout during the simulation:

See allopt.txt: simulation parameters and the PETSc manual for more.


Every 2000 seconds (33 minutes) a full set of output files is written. This allows to check the progress of the simulation even if the cond_inp parameters in allopt.txt: simulation parameters have been set to disable any output. Even more important, it is a checkpointing type behavior since one can restart the simulation from the UCD file ( project.INP.gz) if the program or one of the executing machines have crashed.

magpar - Parallel Finite Element Micromagnetics Package
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