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[[http://www.cwscholz.net/magpar/doc/html/changes.html|ChangeLog ]] [[/doc/html/changes.html|ChangeLog ]]
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 * License: magpar is distributed under the terms of the [[http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html|GNU General Public License]].
 * MagparDownload: Source code and examples (MagparStatistics)
 * Documentation: [[http://www.cwscholz.net/magpar/doc/html/index.html|HTML]],[[http://www.cwscholz.net/magpar/doc/magpar.pdf|PDF]]
 * DownloadPage: Source code and examples (DownloadStatistics)
 * Documentation: [[/doc/html/index.html|HTML]],[[/doc/magpar.pdf|PDF]]
 * FrequentlyAskedQuestions (wiki version) - static docs: [[/doc/html/faq.html|FAQ]]
 * PublicationsList (wiki version) - static docs: [[/doc/html/publications.html|Publications]]
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 * ToolsAndScripts
 * License: magpar is distributed under the terms of the [[http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html|GNU General Public License]].

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 * FrequentlyAskedQuestions
 * ToolsAndScripts
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 * PublicationsList */

magpar Homepage and Wiki

magpar is a finite element micromagnetics package which combines several unique features:

  • Applicability to a variety of static and dynamic micromagnetic problems including uniaxial anisotropy, exchange, magnetostatic interactions and external fields

  • Flexibility of the finite element method concerning the geometry and accuracy by using unstructured graded meshes

  • Availability due to its design based on free, open source software packages

  • Portability to different hardware platforms, which range from simple PCs to massively parallel supercomputers

  • Scalability due to its highly optimized design and efficient libraries

  • Versatility by including static energy minimization and dynamic time integration methods


Dec. 14, 2008 : released magpar version 0.8: ChangeLog


  • Contact: magpar(at)magpar.net
  • Mailing list: To subscribe or unsubscribe send an email to majordomo(at)magpar.net (moderated, low frequency)

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