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|| Sun UltraSPARC IV+ || [[http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/|Sun Solaris]] 10 (64 bit) || 0.8 || [[InstallationOnSolarisSPARC|Installation on Solaris/SPARC]] ||

Frequently Asked Questions

See also the FAQs included in the documentation.

Successful Installations



magpar version


various AMD and Intel dual and quad-core processors

CentOS 5 (64 bit)


using automated installation with Makefile.libs, GCC 4.2.1, and self compiled ATLAS 3.7.36 on 64-bit Linux

various AMD and Intel dual and quad-core processors

Rocks 4.5 (64 bit)


Intel compilers version 10.2 and 11.0, Intel Math Kernel Library

AMD Opteron Processor 250 (2 x 2.4 GHz)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (64 bit)


64-bit Linux

Sun UltraSPARC IV+

Sun Solaris 10 (64 bit)


Installation on Solaris/SPARC

magpar on Windows

See the documentation for information on compiling magpar with Cygwin and MinGW compilers and running simulations.

In addition, users have reported successful parallel magpar installations/runs with MPICH in the Cygwin environment:

  • Follow the general instructions for compilation in Cygwin.

  • Download, compile, and install a suitable MPICH Windows package (*.msi) from the MPICH homepage.

  • Update the MPI_DIR variable in your magpar Makefile.in.$HOST or Makefile.in.defaults
  • Run a magpar example with 2 magpar processes on the local machine (e.g. a dual core processor) with a command like this: mpiexec.exe -n 2 -localonly ./magpar.exe

  • Running parallel magpar processes on remote machines should only be a matter of a proper MPICH2 network installation. This requires the installation of MPDs (MPICH daemons) as a service on the remote machines.

PETSc installation problems

Links to PETSc troubleshooting guides and FAQs:

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